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gemini-horoscope.jpgThe Gemini zodiac sign is one of the most popular signs in astrology. Gemini are often known as twins for their dual personalities. Geminis are constantly learning and tend to be most comfortable when they are on the move. Geminis are born from May 21st to June 20th. Gemini born on the the 21st of May (the cusp of the sign), may show personality traits of the Taurus, while those born on June 20th may have traits of Cancer.

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Geminis love to live life on the edge. They are fantastic communicators, though they do not always love to talk. Some Geminis prefer to write their thoughts as opposed to speaking them, though they have the gift of words regardless of the form in which they choose to express them. Geminis are not firmly rooted people – they tend to skip from one thing to the next with ease. Education is important, but just enough to learn the basics before moving on to the next topic. Geminis thrive on variety and staying with one thing  for too long makes them bored and weary, causing them to frequently change their life's direction.

This nomadic tendency is also reflected in the financial choices of a Gemini. They are known to make money quickly and spend money quickly. Relationships with Geminis may be strained due to this instability.

Geminis always want to be ahead of the crowd; this frequently puts them at the center of conversation. You would be hard pressed to find a Gemini that people don’t talk about on a regular basis. Geminis are often admired because live life to the fullest while other zodiac signs are more focused and grounded.


On the relationship front Geminis often struggle. They are constantly on the lookout for someone who can match them physically and mentally, but finding that special someone often proves difficult as they are constantly changing who they are. Geminis are mentally intense and thus moods tend to reach both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

Quick Facts About Gemini

Geminis are of the air element and the ruling planet Mercury. Mercury was a messenger who traveled all over the heavens delivering messages, hence the ever-changing thought processes of the Gemini. The symbol of the Gemini is twins and the stone is the aquamarine. Geminis strive to do a bit of everything in life, but their secret wish is to constantly be ahead of everyone around them.

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