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Sagitarius-horscope.jpgWhen it comes to optimism, Sagittarius is on the cusp of life. Sagittarians are born from November 22nd to December 21st. Birth dates falling at the beginning or end of this date range could demonstrate characteristics of Scorpio or Capricorn. Despite the fact that Sagittarians tend to be unyielding, they embody the free-spirited attitude envied by many.

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Sagittarians are the type of people who set their sights on something and don’t stop until they achieve their goal. That goal may be personal or professional. It is this strong push toward achievement that helps the Sagittarian achieve great success.

In their professional lives, Sagittarians may not achieve success in the same way their peers do. Sagittarians are free-roaming people who do not like to be held down, so it is common to find a Sagittarius moving from one place to another in the profession they’ve chosen.

The centaur, the symbol of the Sagitarrius, is half human and half horse. Sagittarians strive to achieve a balance between the human and animal traits they posess in all aspects of their life. When a Sagittarius evolves to the point where they can control both the human and the animal in them, they are more likely to achieve their goals with ease.

Despite the strength Sagittarians are known for, they tend to over-express themselves which can lead to burning out. When a Sagittarius burns out, it is important for them to get back up on their feet and move on with their next goal.

The Sagittarian's constant need for movement can make fostering relationships difficult. However, once a lover learns that the Sagittarius can love and roam at the same time, they will notice a deep change in the relationship. Sagittarians are known as life-long companions with big hearts and generous spirits. They don’t hold grudges or cut off relationships abruptly.

Sagittarians may appear strong-willed on the surface, but they are soft-hearted underneath. Their most secret wish in life is to make a difference when it truly matters – both professionally and personally. Striving to make that difference is one of the primary driving powers behind their optimism and personality.

Quick Facts About Sagittarius

The Sagittarian’s element is fire and Jupiter is the ruling planet. The centaur and archer are symbols of Sagittarius. The zodiac stone for this sign is the turquoise.

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