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Cancer-horoscope.jpgPeople born from the 21st of June to the 22nd of July are Cancers. The Cancer sign is one of the most interesting in all of astrology. The Cancer is ruled by the moon and just as the moon changes daily, so does the Cancer. Cancers born on the 21st of June may have some Gemini tendencies, just as Cancers born on the 22nd of July tend to act a bit like Leos.

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If there were a zodiac sign that enveloped the true meaning of change it would be Cancer. A Cancer is one of those people who can feel fantastic one minute, taking control of a room and making everyone feel fantastic, and then change mood suddenly and withdraw from the same situation. Cancers are more akin to Geminis than any other sign simply because of their constantly changing moods and feelings. These mood changes are not something the Cancer can control, as they are innately tied to the moon. Just as the phases of the moon change often, so do the moods of the Cancer; these mood changes, however, make it interesting to know a Cancer.

The crab is the symbol of the Cancer and no symbol has ever been more fitting. The outer shell of the Cancer is strong and thick, but underneath that shell is a softness and tenderness that only lucky people get to see. Cancers often struggle with self esteem; frequently looking for reassurance that they’ve done something right even if they know it already.

Being in love with a Cancer can be tumultuous. The constant mood swings or mood phases makes it difficult to get to know the person underneath that hard exterior. Once a Cancer lets someone in, however, that person soon grows to understand just how infectious the personality of the Cancer can be. Cancers tend to live on the edge of love – constantly striving for true love and giving relationships everything they have in the process. When love goes bad, they take the hit harder than any other zodiac sign.

Quick Facts About Cancer

The Cancer is represented by the water element – constantly flowing and changing. They are ruled by the moon, which is also constantly changing. The zodiac sign for the Cancer is the crab and the stone is the moonstone. Cancers are constantly striving for reassurance from others and they want to feel safe in all aspects of life.

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