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Virgo-horoscope.jpgVirgo, often referred to as the motherly sign, is known as a caring and compassionate soul. Virgos are born from August 23rd to September 22nd. Virgos have infectious personalities, though not all Virgos are able to let their personality shine. They constantly strive to love and be loved, and when a Virgo feels unloved, the brightness of their sign may be dimmed. However, when a Virgo is loved and confident, they are the type of person everyone wants to be around.

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Virgos are often thought of as being picky, small-minded people, but this is a misconception. Virgos are innately drawn to love, care and support, and may strive to achieve all three with a narrow focus, thus the stereotype. Confidence is the key to a Virgo blossoming in life. When confident, the Virgo is the type of person who is creative and successful.

Due to their natural supportive tendencies, the Virgo often feels drawn to the service or support industries in life. It is common to find Virgos working in the medical, teaching and social work aspects of life. They have a creative side which can also positively influence their work in these fields.

The personality trait most people are drawn to in the Virgo is their ability to forgive and keep on giving. Unfortunately this is also the personality trait most abused. Virgos may find they are too supportive of others; focusing on the needs of friends, family and loved ones before focusing on themselves. Virgos tend to get caught up in helping others achieve personal and professional growth.


Relationships are of the utmost importance for Virgos. They are constantly looking for true love and even when they find true love their work is not over. Loving a Virgo means constantly supporting their growth and reassuring them of your love – even after years in a relationship.

Virgos can be extremely shy and that shyness often develops into an unhealthy relationship pattern later in life. They are more than willing to step out of the spotlight while supporting the person they love; claiming not to need the attention the spotlight involves. However, in reality the Virgo needs attention, though their personalities don’t allow them to ask for that attention directly.

Quick Facts About Virgo

Virgo is represented by the earth element and ruled by Mercury. The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin and her stone is the sapphire.

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