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Leo-horoscope.jpgIf you are fortunate enough to be born from July 23rd to August 22nd, you are a Leo. Leos are born into a world where their personality and charisma often leads to an extremely fortunate life. Leos can achieve three "levels" of soul in their lives – immaturity, ego, and wisdom. All Leos tend to start in the immature stage (known as the "Lion Cub" stage). Most progress to the ego stage, but not all make it to the final stage - wisdom. Leos are often referred to as Lions. Leos may show personality traits of Cancer or Virgo if they are born on the cusp of the sign. The cusp is the name for the beginning or the end of the sign dates.

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The personality traits of the Leo tend to keep people in awe. Leos are born to succeed with their charisma and ability to see the positive sides of life. Even when it appears that a Leo is failing, they will pick their heads up and soar above the rest.

Leos tend to be leaders and are constantly looking to set trends and dominate their competition. This adventurous spirit is often fostered by the great pride Leos feel in themselves, but this pride may get in the way of decision making from time to time; Leos are not infallible.

A Leo's ability to make friends and business connections easily can mean great opportunity, which often leads to jealousy from others. Leos do not have a fragile personality, so jealousy often goes unnoticed or unspoken as Leos are popular people.


On the relationship front, Leos are some of the most dedicated people you’ll ever meet. When a Leo is in a relationship, they are dedicated to that relationship 100-percent. However, that complete dedication can turn if something goes wrong. Leos don’t look back, so when a relationship is over there is no rekindling that love. However, Leos must have a very good reason before ending a relationship. Leos love to be flattered, but they are also quite gifted at the art of sarcasm. Leos are extremely loyal and they hate to be alone.

Quick Facts About Leo
Leo is ruled by the sun, which accounts for the fire element. They are filled with energy that radiates beyond their personal aura, a characteristic of the sun. Leos want to lead others and be the star of the show at the same time. The peridot is the stone of the Leo.

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