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Pisces-horoscope.jpgIf you are imaginative and indecisive, you may be a Pisces. Pisces are born from the 20th of February to the 20th of March. Some Pisces have personality traits associated with Aquarius or Aries. This is because being born on or near the cusp of the birth sign can cause traits from other birth signs to bleed into the personality of the Pisces.

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The personality of the Pisces has two sides. One side is represented by the sinner and the other by the saint. As the fish symbol represents, the Pisces is constantly being pulled in two directions. This polarization can be extremely difficult for the Pisces to live with. Some Pisces are able to choose a direction and become extremely successful in their professional and personal lives. Other Pisces are never able to continue on one path, and may end up doing more harm than good in life.

The Pisces has difficulty seeing life for what it really is. Instead, they create their very own world where they make the rules. This world is nothing like the real world. Creating a personal world can make it hard to be fully functional and accepted in life. It is thought that this fantasy world mentality is what causes such extremes in the Pisces sign.

Success of the Pisces depends on whether or not they are able to bring to life the things they dream about. Controlling the emotional struggle between right and wrong, good and evil is also imperative to the success of the Pisces.

When a Pisces is in love, the world is perfect. When the relationship ends, things change quickly and the Pisces often crashes emotionally. Even the smallest diversion in a relationship can cause rocky emotional struggles. Pisces are extremely sensitive and thus weight placed on relationships that fail can leave the Pisces depressed and withdrawn. Unfortunately the emotional struggles don’t stop there. Pisces are known to beat themselves up emotionally – both personally and professionally. If a relationship fails, the Pisces will find a way to blame themselves for the problems in the relationship.

Quick Facts About Pisces

The sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune. It is represented by the water element and fish symbol. The bloodstone is the birth stone for the Pisces. Pisces secretly want to fulfill their dreams and live their fantasies, not just accept life as it is.

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