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Aries are known as being adventurous and outgoing. Determination, ambition and action are three of the main traits of an Aries. Aries born on March 21st may show qualities of Pisces. Those born on April 19th may show signs of Taurus.

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Despite the independent nature of an Aries, they are often more trusting than most, and are frequently found leading others as opposed to being led. They take a child’s view of the world and carry that child-like magic with them from birth to death.

Aries tend to have the emotional characteristics associated with men; Aries women tend to take the world by the horns and lead rather than follow. They are prone to action; instead of talking about doing something, they just do it. 

Instead of being content when things are well, Aries tend to stir things up to avoid boredom. At times, the decisions they make can cause great drama, as they enjoy living life close to the edge. If you’ve ever known a person who acted on impulse without first assessing the consequences, it's likely they were an Aries.

Aries are strong-willed. Aries women tend to look for men who are not intimidated by this. A "real man" according to an Aries, is someone who appreciates her fierce independence and strength. Aries men often search for women who complement their personality traits instead of rivaling them. Both Aries men and women can be forceful and demanding, so finding the right relationship may take some time, trial and error. When things get tough, Aries are known to pick up and move to a new location or space. They don’t like to feel possessed or tied down.

Quick Facts About Aries

Aries is a fire element with the ruling planet Mars. The symbol is the ram. Aries strive to feel the thrills that life offers, but their secret passion is to create a path for others to follow.

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