moving-during-pregnancy.jpgIf you are thinking about moving furniture while you are pregnant, you need to be aware of certain strains that moving furniture can place on your body during this time. Unless you are moving a small piece of furniture, or you are a professional at moving furniture, than you should not move furniture during your pregnancy. Your body is going through so much at this time, the last thing you need is a strained back or neck.

The problem with moving furniture while you are pregnant is that it places extra strain on already stressed muscles of your back and pelvis. Most people do not know how to move furniture safely, even when they are not pregnant. While you are suppose to lift the weight of the furniture with your legs, unless trained with this type of maneuver, many people lift heavy objects using their back and neck muscles causing muscles strain. As your body is already under strain from the pregnancy, you can cause yourself some serious pain and discomfort trying to move furniture during this time. 

If you absolutely must move furniture during your pregnancy, talk with your doctor first about the weight of furniture to make sure that you are not placing your pregnancy at risk. Never, ever, move furniture in a position that you are not comfortable in or in a position that will cause you to fall and harm yourself and your baby.  Try to use techniques to minimize your work such as ‘walking’ the furniture to its new position, or using cloth positioners under the furniture so you can slide it along the floor.

The best choice to make if you need to move furniture while you are pregnant is to ask for help. Talk with family, friends, neighbors, roommates, or even coworkers to see if someone can help you. If you still need help with moving furniture, hire someone to help you with the work. Play it safe, and do not take any unnecessary risks during this time.