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Welcome to parenthood! You made it this far, but chances are you now have a lot of questions about how to take care of your precious newborn. Let this page help guide you on the beginning of your parenting journey, but remember - trust yourself! Only you know the best way to parent and raise your children.

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Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

Check out the following most common how-to questions regarding care of your newborn baby:

  1. How to bathe a fussy baby  newborn-baby-care.jpg
  2. How to bathe your baby  
  3. How to bathe your baby safely  
  4. How to be a good father to your baby 
  5. How to be a good mother to your baby  
  6. How to budget the baby's first year   
  7. How to calm a newborn baby  
  8. How to change a boy's diaper   
  9. How to change a diaper  
  10. How to change a girl's diaper   
  11. How to choose a name for the baby   
  12. How to cloth diaper correctly   
  13. How to cut a newborn's nails   
  14. How to deal with a newborn baby cold   
  15. How to deal with diaper rash  
  16. How to eliminate diaper pail odors  
  17. How to entertain a newborn baby  
  18. How to find the best baby products  
  19. How to fly with a newborn baby  
  20. How to gear up for a newborn baby   
  21. How to handle teething  
  22. How to keep up romance with a newborn baby  
  23. Breastfeeding basics for Mom   
  24. Hair loss postpartum (after pregnancy)  
  25. Losing baby fat quickly